Planet Product Bay Tesla Model Y X S 3 Accessories Water Cup Mats, Interior Decoration Colorful Lamps Pad 2 PCS: Automotive

[Universal Compatible] - Matches all auto interior accessories, Upgrade the grade and beauty of your auto. You will get a better driving experience.

[7 Colors] - With "white", "red", "blue", "green", "yellow", "pink" and "ice blue" can be switched freely.

[Waterproof & Long Time Working] - IP67 waterproof. The product is charged by a USB cable. Charging it for half an hour, It will working continously for 7 days.

[Intelligent Sensing]- Automatic color change mode, Breath fixed color patterns, Light sensor fixes the color pattern. Built-in light sensor and vibration sensor. This means that when it is turned on, It lights up when you move the cup, And it lights up when the car vibrates. After the vibration is over, The light will go out in ten seconds.

[Protective Effects] - Stop the bottom of cup holders getting messy and scratching over time.